Video Series

Didn't See It Coming

Overcoming The 5 Greatest Challenges That No One Expects And Everyone Experiences

Nobody wants to look ahead at their future and see a cynical, empty, disconnected, prideful or burned out version of their life. So how do you change this? How do you change things now so that you don't find yourself caught in it in the future? Join us for this series to find out!

We are excited to show this video series with Carey Nieuwhof of Connexus Church in Barrie, based on his new book. 

Westside is proud to be a partner of Connexus Church as we strive to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus together. We can't wait for you to learn from this powerful series!

Click here to watch and follow along with this series.

Starting May 26, June 2, 9 & July 7, 14 at Westside
Sundays at 10:00am