Being fully engaged in a church is about more than attendance. That’s because God uses relationships to change us - and we can’t connect relationally by simply sitting in rows. God uses other people to grow us, and he uses us to grow other people.

Being fully engaged in the mission of our church involves four actions:


  • Connecting in a Life Group gives you the opportunity to engage with people who will encourage and challenge us in our relationship with God. You can’t grow spiritually without being connected relationally.


  • Serving on a ministry team provides an opportunity to partner in our mission, whether that means creating welcoming environments for first-time attendees or helping lead children, students, or adults.


  • We all invite people to things we love. As you connect with others, we want to partner with you to help them take the right next step in their spiritual journeys.


  • Giving is an opportunity to practice generosity. Jesus talks a lot about money - not because he is concerned with money, but because he knows how money affects our hearts.